John Kinder

John Kinder Theological Library

Te Puna Atuatanga

Archives and Manuscripts Collections

Archives are held in the John Kinder Theological Library for the Anglican Church, the Melanesian Mission Trust Board, the St John's College Trust Board, St John's College, Methodist mission and theological collection collections, and the Library's own collection of papers and records of individuals and organisations.

The Library is the repository for archives and manuscripts relating to the Anglican Church at a national rather than local level. The sub group descriptions below provide an over view of holdings. The collection includes original material - written, oral, video and photographic - as well as microfilm and photocopies.

The official archives of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia (formerly the Church of the Province of New Zealand), which are held on deposit for the Church.  Note that these archives do not include diocesan and parish records, or registers of baptism etc.

College of St John the Evangelist

The official archives of St John's College and its previous Boards, as well as records of College life, students and courses. (SJC series



Archives and manuscript records  of people and organisations related to Anglicanism and of ecumenical bodies. (KIN series)

Trinity Methodist Theological College 

The archives of Trinity Methodist Theological College,  Methodist organisations and people, with a focus on early missions in New Zealand and theological education.  The majority of Methodist records are held by the Methodist Archives in Christchurch and Auckland. (MET series)


Melanesian Trust Board 
The  records  of the Melanesian Mission Trust Board, and the St John’s College Trust Board, which are held on deposit for their respective Boards.  (MTB and SJT series)


Diocese of Waikato  

The records of the Diocese of Waikato, including records of the Bishop and Diocesan office but not those of individual parishes except the registers of baptism, marriage and burial.  Access to these follows the access dates of the Registrar General of Births, deaths and marriages. (WAI series)



Microfilm of records held in other repositories, which are complementary to those original papers already held. (MIC series)

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